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Client Service Agreement

What You Can Expect From Me

I will do my very best to improve your financial situation improved as quickly as possible including seeing everything through to settlement.

I will give you options for you to choose from based on what you want to achieve.

I will be transparent and open with my communication eve

ry step of the way so you know exactly what is going on at all stages of the process.

I will build a relationship with you based on trust and integrity and doing what is best for you at all times.

I will care about you and your success and I will work hard to make that happen.

I undertake to make myself available at all reasonable hours (7 days per week) and return any unanswered phone calls within 4 hours, (except when on holidays).

When appropriate to your circumstances,

I will offer you the opportunity to be introduced to a trusted colleague for complementary services. These can include financial planning, insurance, real estate, accounting or conveyancing or other investment opportunities.

Thank you

Sarah Arthur-Young

SaySay Money

1300 1 MONEY

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